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For a lot of students worldwide and in the United Kingdom, the submission of a dissertation at the end of their academic degree programs become a rather stressful point for them, forcing them to seek assistance from others by pleading please ‘write my dissertation for me’.

In such cases, Dissertation Writing Help can be your ultimate savior if you are also another student distraught with regards to your dissertation.

Did You Just Google “Write My Dissertation UK”?

It is the digital era and a lot of students would simply crawl over to Google to get the solution to their problems. It comes off as no surprise that students try to find the solution to their problems online by typing in searches such as “write my dissertation UK” or “dissertation writing help near me”.

In such cases, students can immediately find our website namely Dissertation Writing Help immediately in the top search engine results. The reason is that we have been present in the dissertation writing domain since 2015 and we have achieved a lot of success over the years.

Founded and led by Dr. Michelle Astley, we have emerged as a prominent name in both the United Kingdom and worldwide. This is because Dr. Michelle Astley being a PhD in Management herself is very much aware of the dilemmas faced by students with regard to their dissertations.

Currently we have a huge team of experienced dissertation writers providing quality dissertation services to students on a daily basis. Our services are not only limited to writing dissertations, but we provide complete solutions which includes consultancy at no cost by the brilliant Dr. Michelle Astley.

Circumstances Forcing Students to Google “Write My Dissertation Online”

Writing a dissertation is no easy task, since a dissertation is a long Research Paper which can even stretch up to 80,000 words if done at a PhD level. Just as students have to do miscellaneous kinds of essays and other research papers during their time in universities, they have to complete a dissertation as well before their academic degree ends.

Therefore, it is no surprise that a lot of students are now browsing for solutions online by typing in queries such as “write my dissertation online” or “dissertation help near me” etc.

In UK and in a majority of the universities worldwide, it has been made compulsory that all students submit a properly written dissertation after conducting extensive research. The difficulty level varies according to the level of academic degree, such as in word count and the type of research.

Research for PhD level can take up to years as well since it is considered as the terminal degree. In any case, writing a dissertation is no mere task, and a lot of problems spring up as soon as students get down to the task.

What kind of problems do students face with their dissertations?

  • Not able to choose a dissertation topic
  • Not familiar with the dissertation structure
  • Lack of focus and motivation
  • Lack of guidance
  • Trouble managing their time schedules
  • Do not possess exceptional writing skills
  • Face trouble in brainstorming
  • Cannot make inferences from research
  • Do not get support for research

The above listed problems are clear enough to demonstrate the chaos faced by students when they have to hand in their dissertations. The first problem that students face is that they face a lot of difficulty in choosing the dissertation topic that they need to go with. Without the finalised topic, students cannot start with the dissertation writing.

Choosing a dissertation topic which falls within their area of interest, offers adequate room for research, and most importantly; complies with the requirements given by their university is the first barrier that students need to overcome in order to move forward with writing their dissertation. This is because while there are a lot of topics available, not every topic meets the criteria as mentioned.

Even if they manage to narrow down a dissertation topic, they need to prepare a dissertation proposal and get it approved. The dissertation proposal basically outlines how much time they will be requiring for conducting research on a chosen topic, and why they should be allowed to move forward to with performing research on their topic of choice.

Even if they manage to get their dissertation proposal approved, they may face issues from external factors such as overburden of other responsibilities which may include assignments and even their other jobs. Students studying for undergraduate degrees are usually given a lot of assignments to do, while students studying at postgraduate level are usually already busy with their professional careers.

A common problem that causes hindrances for almost all students worldwide is that they are either not equipped with proficient writing skills, or the analytical skills required to work on their dissertation. The word count at the very minimum for a Bachelor level dissertation also goes up to 5,000 words; therefore, any student who does not do well with writing will eventually face problems with completing the required word count.

The process of research is also quite hectic, with students having to rely on qualitative and quantitative methods and collecting data from multiple authentic sources and then compiling it. They also need to draw conclusions from their findings in order to meet with their specified research objectives for the dissertation.

Another issue that continues to bother many students is that their lack of knowledge and familiarity with the dissertation structure also messes up their whole process for writing the dissertation. The weightage for the different chapters varies, and as such; the word count and research also varies. Many students who prepare a Masters dissertation make the mistake of doing it the same way they were doing in their Bachelor level.

The differences in the dissertations at different academic levels are illustrated as follows:

  • A dissertation for a Bachelor’s degree is focused on fulfilling previous research gaps and the word count ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 words. The data is collected from Primary Sources.
  • A dissertation for a Master’s degree is focused on fulfilling previous research gaps while also having some significance in the academia. The word count ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 words while the data is collected from Primary and Secondary Sources.
  • A dissertation for PhD is focused on fulfilling research gaps while also adding some significance to the academic community. The word count stretches from 50,000 to 100,000 words and the data is collected from Primary and Secondary Sources.

Majority of the problems listed and discussed may arise from not getting the required support from their teachers and professors. If they fail to collaborate and cooperate with the student, then ensuring completion and approval of the dissertation starts seeming like an unlikely task.

Gently Whispering To Yourself “Please Write My Dissertation Cheap…”

Bearing through the circumstances discussed, students find no other option but to get some outside help. Getting outside help obviously means that you either request some of your colleagues to help you out with your dissertation, and you will obviously have to pay to get your work done. Or if you try to Google, you will be typing in “write my dissertation cheap”.

Whether it is one of your colleagues, or whether it is a professional academic writer or any kind of academic writing company, you will have to spare some money to get quality work done. In such a domain, you can rely on Dissertation Writing Help to be of support.

Students especially who have never gotten any kind of outside help before, tend to feel rather hesitant upon searching someone, or hiring someone to do their dissertation for them. Their mind is filled up with a wide variety of questions and confusions.

A lot of students who come to us also have such questions, and we make sure to answer each and every one of them to resolve their queries properly. Our customer support executives are well aware as to what kind of questions is normally asked by students from all kind of academic programs.

What questions do students have about dissertation writing services?

  • Will you provide me unique and original content?
  • Who will write my dissertation for me?
  • Will you write my dissertation cheap?
  • Can I get some custom packages within my budget?
  • How can I make sure that you have provided me non-plagiarised content?
  • What if I want revisions in my delivered dissertation?
  • How can I be sure that my identity will be protected?
  • Will you refund my amount if I am not satisfied with my order?
  • Are dissertation writing services legal?
  • Will you guide me about that the dissertation you will deliver?

Our organisation is led by the renowned Dr. Michelle Astley, who herself involves in ground work and makes sure that none of our clients (who are students themselves) go away from us dissatisfied. As such, our organisation has developed procedures to ensure that students are catered to in the best way possible. We do not let any student feel uneasy while soliciting our services.

For students who have questions such as the ones listed above, we can assure them that we are operating as a registered organisation providing dissertation writing services from the year 2015. Founded with a small team of writers, now our team comprises of more than two hundred writers from various backgrounds.

We have diversified our team of writers because we want to make sure that no student has to be denied our service just because we do not have the concerned writer.

A lot of points and qualities make our services perhaps one of the best that there are to offer. We have been able to maintain a clientele of satisfied students just because we prioritise customer satisfaction above all.

What qualities make our service worth hiring?

  • A vast team of experienced and qualified dissertation writers
  • Writers from miscellaneous backgrounds to cater to dissertation orders
  • Facility for free revisions if required
  • Money-back guarantee in case order is not satisfactory
  • Proofreading and editing services provided by PhD editors
  • Free consultancy from subject matter specialists and Dr. Michelle Astley
  • Custom packages to suit the needs of the customer
  • Trained customer support executives available 24/7

In order to cater to students at all times, we have developed a robust platform for customer support so that students can contact us at any time possible. We understand that a lot of students need help on an urgent basis, which is why we are available at all times so that students can quickly contact us for getting any kind of help that they want.

If students are feeling uneasy or need some expert advice regarding their subject, we even help out students by offering them free consultancy from either a concerned subject matter specialist or Dr. Michelle herself. Since we have qualified and experienced dissertation writers from every kind of field, we can immediately redirect the confused student to the concerned writer who can guide them about their subject or their dissertation overall.

Every dissertation that is written is heavily researched upon and completed after a long process. As such, it is ensured that original and unique content goes in every dissertation as we are quite strict about maintaining near to no plagiarism in our work. To prove this, we even send a Plagiarism Report generated by Turnitin to assure our customers that no plagiarism is present in the work that we have provided.

Students can even avail proofreading and editing services from us, since we have a Quality Control unit dedicated to performing Q/A of all dissertations. Every dissertation that is written is sent to the Quality Control unit to be ridden free of any kind of errors present, plus, students who are unsure about their dissertations can also hand them over to us for quality enhancement and for making sure that all kind of errors have been omitted.


How Do We Cater To Your “Write My Dissertation For Me UK” Request?

In order to ensure that we provide quality dissertation services to any student who comes to us, we have designed a set of procedures. Many students are often browsing for assistance by typing in “write my dissertation for me UK” in search engines, which ultimately leads them to our site as well.

This is because a majority of the students who come to us are students in UK universities especially from London, Manchester and other cities of England. Since we have qualified writers who studied from universities based in such cities only, we face absolutely no problems in catering to their requests.

If you as a first timer do not understand how we manage to go about our procedures and processes, you can either read through the following listed points or consult one of our trained customer support executives to guide you.

What is process of providing you dissertation services?

  • You place your order by contacting us on the Live Chat or phone, or through the Order Form
  • If the order is received through the Order Form then you are contacted for follow-up
  • The order is then forwarded to the Research Department for discussion
  • The dissertation topic is discussed amongst the writers
  • After the discussion, the work is divided amongst the concerned writers
  • A draft is prepared and sent to the customer for approval
  • Approved by the client, the dissertation is then completed by the writers
  • Written and completed, the dissertation is sent to the Quality Control unit for Q/A
  • The PhD editors perform the Q/A and ensure that the dissertation is error-free
  • Ready to be dispatched, the dissertation is then sent to the client

Have you read through the points? We are sure that you must have definitely understood our process for delivering you dissertations quite well. Our highly cooperative team is what has been the reason behind our success and popularity amongst the students.

Our dissertation writers are well aware of what a student has to go through in order to get their dissertation written and approved. A student has to go through a whole set of steps themselves to write their dissertation and get it approved. That whole process also causes them to become rather agitated and tensed and puts them under immense stress. However, our writers can provide them relief from it all!

Get Your Dissertation Done From Expert Writers Today!

It is rather evident that completing a dissertation does not come off as child’s play. A whole procedure is involved in the lift of a student when they have to get their dissertation approved in order to be awarded with their academic degree. If the procedure does not go well, and the student is not able to submit their dissertation, then their degree is also put on a halt.

What do students have to do to complete their dissertations?

  • Choose a Dissertation Topic
  • Prepare a Dissertation Proposal on the topic chosen
  • Get the Dissertation Proposal approved
  • Start working on the Dissertation itself
  • Conduct hefty research for their Dissertation
  • Gather all the data collected during the research
  • Make inferences and draw conclusions from the research
  • Write the dissertation in the proposed manner
  • Proofread the dissertation and make sure it is perfect
  • Prepare a defense for the dissertation
  • Present the dissertation in front of the supervisors
  • Get the dissertation approved

As evident from the listed points, earning your academic degree becomes much more difficult if you do not follow with the dissertation procedure. Many students are not able to move past the selection of the dissertation topic in the first place. This is because they are not able to find a topic that fits within the complete criteria.

What points should a dissertation topic cater to?

  • Should have scope within the present era
  • Should have sufficient existing literature for evaluation
  • Should be pertinent to the specialisation of the student
  • Should comply with the university requirements
  • Should offer adequate room for research
  • Should fall within the interests of the student

Choosing a dissertation topic comes off as a whole process in itself, and it is the first and foremost step that students have to pass through in order to move forward with their dissertation. Without a proper topic that does not fit the mentioned criteria, the student cannot hope to move forward with their dissertation.

Our experts are available to not only help you in choosing a topic, but you as a student can get free consultancy and order a free custom topic for yourself. All you will have to do is specify your requirements by either filling in the lead form or by simply communicating your requirements. You can even opt to get consultancy from the renowned Dr. Michelle herself regarding your dissertation topic.

The next step that students have to pass after selecting their dissertation topic is prepare a Dissertation Proposal and get it approved. The Dissertation Proposal basically outlines why the student has chosen a particular topic, how much time they would require if they write a dissertation on it and what research objectives they hope to achieve with that particular topic.

What is the structure of a Dissertation Proposal?

  • Title: the title of the Dissertation Proposal; it is supposed to be compelling and insightful engage to capture the attention of the reader
  • Introduction: a brief overview giving background on the topic
  • Research Aims & Objectives: a list of all the research aims and objectives defined clearly
  • Literature Review: critical review of literature that exists on the topic
  • Research: research that has been collected and conducted up till now on the topic
  • Methodologies: the methods which will be used in performing the research including qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Expected Outcomes: list of all the results that the student hopes to achieve with the research
  • Research Limitations: any kind of limitations acting as barriers to further research
  • Required Time Period: the estimated time frame that the student requires to complete their dissertation on the proposed topic
  • Citations/Bibliography: proper citation and referencing of all sources of the data and research collected

A Dissertation Proposal seeks to justify the rationale behind choosing a particular topic, which is why students not only have to prepare the Dissertation Proposal, but also defend it in front of their supervisors. In order to do that, they need to make sure that they are ready to face the supervisors and can speak in a convincing manner.

The next step after the approval of the Dissertation Proposal is the writing of the Dissertation itself. Our dissertation writers are familiar of all the requirements of a Dissertation, and they are also aware of the differences between the different kinds of dissertations. They can craft the best kind of dissertation for you for any academic level that you require. Their vast knowledge pool allows them to work on dissertations easily, including all chapters of a dissertation.

What are the chapters in a dissertation?

  • The Abstract The Abstract is supposed to give a summary of the overall dissertation.
  • Acknowledgments The Acknowledgements section is where the student can thank the institutions and people from whom they received support while carrying out their research collecting their data. They can extend their gratitude by mentioning the names in this section.
  • Table of Contents The Table of Contents helps the reader in navigating through the dissertation easily.
  • The Introduction The Introduction should include the Research Aims, Research Objectives and the Research Questions which should be answered by the end of the dissertation. Background on the topic is also given in this section.
  • Critical Literature Review The Critical Literature Review provides critical analysis of existing literature on the topic and outlines the Research Gaps.
  • Methodologies The Methodologies section where the student what methods they will use for performing their research whether Quantitative or Qualitative methods.
  • Data Analysis/Findings The Data Analysis/Findings detail whatever analysis of the findings have been carried out.
  • The Conclusion The Conclusion is where the dissertation ends and reinstates the research questions and research gaps. Then the student summarises the overall dissertation and justifies their research by mentioning how their Research objectives have been achieved through the research.
  • Recommendations The Recommendations section is where the student can provide any further research suggestions they wish to give on the topic.
  • References/Bibliographies The References or the Bibliographies section should include the accurate citation of all the sources from where the data and research has been collected.
  • Appendices The Appendices section can include any kind of tables and figures that the student wishes to show to the reader.

Our dissertation writers can work on all the chapters of a dissertation whether they need to outline the research gaps from the existing literature, or whether they need to cite the sources in the accurate style, or complete the conclusion of a dissertation.

You can rely on us to help you out in all aspects of a dissertation, whether you need to get it improved in quality or whether you need to get it written from scratch. Our team of experts and Dr. Michelle Astley are available to even help you in preparation for your defense as well.

So wait no more, contact us now to get started!



Of course we can. You can communicate all your requirements to us including word count, subject, academic level, topic and other requirements and explain to us how you want your dissertation to be done. You will be connected to the concerned writer as well if you would require. You can easily explain anything such as the Research Aims or Research Questions, and we will make sure that your dissertation consists of all of your requirements.

You can check from our packages whichever one falls within your budget. Our packages are extremely affordable and they have been designed just according to the budget of a regular student in the United Kingdom. You can even contact us for any custom package you want and we will try our best to facilitate you in the best manner possible.

Yes, you can rest assured that your dissertation will be written by an experienced professional who will be a Subject Matter Expert. Our team has qualified writers who have years’ worth of experience in dissertation writing, and their education level goes up to Masters and PhD level. These writers were only included in our team after strict interviews and tests, and have been further trained for enhancement in their skills.


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I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing plasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete

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I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing plasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete

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I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing plasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete