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Privacy Policy

Dissertation Writing Help is an organisation registered under the Companies Act in the United Kingdom and dedicated research and writing services related to dissertations. We consider it our ethical duty to let our users and site visitors know about regarding their usage of private information and data.

This page lists the Privacy Policy of Dissertation Writing Help. For further information, you can contact us through the Live Chat, Email Address or Phone Number provided.

Collecting Your Information and Data

Some of your private information and data is stored with us when you start browsing our website. This information is secured with end-to-end encryption and is not disclosed to any third party, unless required by the law.

We take great measures in ensuring that we protect your confidentiality and identity. We do not disclose any of your information, unless we are compelled by legal authorities to do so.

Information of yours collected by us includes the following:

  • Your name (you can use an alias if you wish to work anonymously)
  • Your contact details including phone number and email address
  • Your IP address and Operating System information
  • Your time spent on each of our webpages plus the clicks you made

The listed information remains safe and secure with us. All of this information starts being stored with us when you:

  • Browse across our website and the pages within the website
  • Fill the Order Form or Query Form
  • Sign up to our services
  • Provide your information to our Customer Support Team

As soon as you start browsing through our website, your information starts being stored with us. This mainly includes your IP address and your Operating System information. Your personal information such as your name and your contact details are stored with us when you fill in any of the forms or provide your information to us during order placement.

Using Your Information and Data

Your information remains safe with us and you can rest assured that we value your confidentiality and privacy to the highest regard. The information and data collected by us is used in the following manner:

  • For conducting follow-up with you regarding order placement
  • For contacting you regarding any changes in the order
  • For notifying you about any occurring changes in our pricing or services
  • For informing you about promotional offers and discounts
  • For performing our own surveys for enhancing our services

In order to ensure that we provide you streamlined and quality services, we make use of the information and data such as checking which pages receive the most traffic and what value addition do customers usually require. Other than that, we need to stay in contact with you to follow up regarding your order plus notify you about our services from time to time as well.