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Settling down to write a dissertation, a lot of problems present themselves in front of you. Writing a dissertation is no mere task, and many students fall down the pitfall during the whole dissertation writing venture. Some of them resort t asking their peers by requesting them ‘can you please do my dissertation?’

Dissertations, what are they exactly? How do you write a dissertation? What is the purpose behind writing a dissertation?

A dissertation is basically an elongated academic research paper which is to be submitted at the end of an academic degree program whether it is for Bachelor’s or Master’s or whichever degree program. While some universities may ask you to submit a capstone project, a majority of the universities in the United Kingdom have made it compulsory for students to submit a dissertation. Without the submission of a dissertation, students are not usually awarded with their academic degrees.

Quit Asking Yourself “Can Someone Do My Dissertation For Me?”

A lot of students are already quite stressed out due to the enormous pressure they have to deal with regarding their academics. Over that, when they receive the task of writing a dissertation, they feel like life has taken a one-hundred and eighty degrees shift and all peace is lost.

With every problem, therein lies a solution. The solution to your dissertation problems here is Dissertation Writing Help, a well-known academic website providing dissertation writing services since 2015. If you have ever tried browsing “do my dissertation for me” or for ‘dissertation writing help near me’ and you have tried looking for someone who would do your dissertation, you will definitely find our name in the search results.

Ensuring delivery of quality services in the dissertation writing domain is no easy task, but we have achieved quite popularity amongst the students of the United Kingdom as well as in various parts of the globe. The reason that we are so successful today is that we have set our priorities straight-customer satisfaction.

Instead of charging highly extortionate rates and putting students even under immense, we make sure that we have helped out the struggling students in any way that we have. Led by the legendary Dr. Michelle Astley, the organization is growing and catering to miscellaneous students every day. This is because under her guidance, the team members resolve each and every issue of the students, starting from the point that they have to choose their dissertation topic, to the point that they submit and defend their dissertation.

Dissertation Writing-How To Survive Through It?

Dissertations can prove to be highly difficult due to a number of circumstances. While the difficulty level varies according to the academic degree, the process is still quite difficult nevertheless. But dissertations are something that you have to manage anyhow, otherwise you can risk failing your degree. Your years of hard work can go down the drain simply because you failed to submit your due dissertation.

But before you set down to writing your dissertation, you need to understand all about it. You ask yourself, “What is dissertation writing?” Dissertation writing is basically when you need to compose a well-crafted dissertation which reflects in-depth research done on a topic. Depending on the level of your degree, the criteria for research also varies.

The second question that arises is that, “How do you write a dissertation?” and the answer to this particular question follows through a long process. You do not only need to write a dissertation, but you need to follow through a long process as well.

What is the dissertation process?

  • You research and finalise a topic
  • You prepare a Dissertation Proposal on the finalised topic
  • You submit the Dissertation Proposal
  • You start working on the Dissertation
  • You prepare your defense for the Dissertation
  • You present your dissertation in front of the committee

Therefore, before starting your dissertation, you need to finalise a topic which complies with the requirements of your university and gives you adequate room for research. Depending on your specialisation or majors, the topic should be relevant and should be approved by your professors or supervisors as well. You cannot choose a topic which does not pertain to your specialization, or one that does not comply with the university requirements, otherwise it will be rejected anyway.

What should be there in a dissertation topic?

  • Should comply with the university requirements
  • Should be relevant to your area of study
  • Should provide sufficient room for research
  • Should have scope in the present era
  • Should be of benefit to the academic community

Once your dissertation topic is finalised by you, you need to put in some effort in preparing a Dissertation Proposal. The Dissertation Proposal seeks to outline what topic you are researching on, and the time that you will require in completing your dissertation. It also mentions the methods that you will utilise in preparing and what research aims you hope to achieve with your final dissertation. Therefore, you need to understand the structure of a Dissertation Proposal as well.

What is the structure of a Dissertation Proposal?

  • Dissertation Proposal Title: a compelling and insightful title
  • Introduction: brief overview of the proposal
  • Research Aims & Objectives: list of all the clearly defined objectives
  • Literature Review: critical review of the existing literature on the topic
  • Research: all the research conducted up till now
  • Methodologies: methods that will be utilised in conducting research
  • Expected Outcomes: list of results that are expected to be achieved
  • Research Limitations: limitations causing hindrances in further research
  • Required Estimated Time Frame: estimated time required to complete the dissertation
  • List of References: citation of all sources and references from where research has been gathered

The above listed structure of a Dissertation Proposal clearly defines that it is also not a mere task, and the student has to work hard in its preparation as well. You as a student need to finalise the dissertation topic first by yourself, and then submit the Dissertation Proposal for getting it approved.

In order to complete the Dissertation Proposal, you will have to conduct extensive research and read across a lot of existing Literature in order to outline the missing research gaps. A topic can only be further researched upon, if there are any existing Research Gaps in it. Therefore, you need to make sure that further research can be performed into the topic, and that they do not find themselves into a dead-end during their research process.

The research process includes a list of methods through which the students conducts their research. That consists of qualitative research and quantitative research methods, which you as a student need to specify in your Dissertation Proposal beforehand.

You also need to provide what results you hope to achieve with the selected topic of research, because that stands as evidence that your research will not go futile. You can proceed to mention any limitations that may act as hindrances in your research process, and how your university can assist you in countering those limitations.

Concluding the Dissertation Proposal requires you to mention the time that you will require in completing your dissertation, and finally, the list of references from where you have gathered your research up till now. Without the accurate citation of sources, your work does not carry any authenticity.

Once you have completed your Dissertation Proposal, the defense stage arrives where you have to get it approved by defending it in front of your supervisory committee. If your supervisors agree with your given topic, you have received the ‘go-ahead’ to start working on your dissertation.

“Need To Do My Dissertation Now After Getting My Approval!”

Even if students somehow manage to pass through the whole Dissertation Proposal approval process, the main issue arises when they have to get down to writing the final dissertation. Again, depending on the degree, the student needs to perform research accordingly.

In Bachelor’s, students usually take a topic where they research on existing material but do not have to devise new theories or anything. But as far as postgraduate education especially at PhD level is concerned, students need to spend a lot of time and effort in either devising new theories or solutions to some problems.

A student would often wonder as to what is the structure of a dissertation, especially if they have not been guided properly by their university personnel. Not knowing or understanding the structure forms one of the biggest issues that students face when it comes to writing their dissertation.

However, you as a student do not need to worry, for we have explained the dissertation structure herewith for you.

What is the structure of a dissertation?

  • The Abstract: The Abstract gives a brief overview or summary of the overall dissertation, hence giving the reader insight as to what the dissertation is about.
  • Acknowledgments: The Acknowledgements section basically extends gratitude to the people and the institutions from where the student has taken assistance for conducting their research. The student often requires assistance from various platforms to gather research, and they can choose to mention all that in this Acknowledgements section.
  • Table of Contents: The Table of Contents is essential to give the dissertation a proper neat look by specifying the pages of each section. This way, the reader is able to navigate through the dissertation easily by simply checking the Table of Contents.
  • The Introduction The Introduction gives a background of the topic of research, and also mentions the Research Objectives and Research Aims that the student has outlined regarding the topic. The Introduction needs to be engaging enough so as to retain the attention of the reader in the initial phase only.
  • Critical Literature Review The Critical Literature Review is where the student provides a critical evaluation of all the existing literature that is present on the selected topic of research.
  • Methodologies The Methodologies section outlines and lists the methods through which the student will be collecting information and data for the selected topic of research.
    Students usually conduct their research either through Qualitative Methods or Quantitative Methods, depending on the kind of topic they have chosen and the methods that they find convenient.
  • Data Analysis/Findings In the Data Analysis/Findings section, the student lists down whatever valuable information and findings they have gathered from the research process, and then provides an evaluation of the findings overall.
    The student also restates the Research Questions that they had mentioned in the Introduction, and discusses how the findings corroborate with the Research Questions.
  • The Conclusion The Conclusion marks an end to the overall dissertation, and states down whatever the student has achieved from the conducted research. This section then summarises the overall dissertation, detailing the critical evaluation of the literature review, the methodologies and the findings as well.
    It then addresses the Research Questions, and seeks to justify the research conducted by answering those research questions hence detailing whether or not the Research Aims have been achieved. The findings should also be explained as to how they provide benefit to the academic community as well.
  • Recommendations The Recommendations section is basically where the student has to state why the conducted research was important, and how it can further benefit the academic community if more research is done on it.
    You can state down the issues that require attention, and should be focused on for further research in the future.
  • References All the Research that you have done is to be properly cited with the accurate sources in the Research section. The citation style varies from geographical region and academic degree, so it is best to confirm what citation style is followed by your university.
    This section also carries immense importance as the citation of sources proves that the conducted research and gathered information carry authenticity.
  • Appendices Any kind of tables and figures can be mentioned in the Appendices section for further information.
    It is best to confirm and check if the appendices go in the total word count or not, as you can include items in this section that you would like the reader to see, but which are taking too much space within the text.

Making Sure Your Dissertation Is Well-Received

The dissertation adventure does not only stop at the writing stage, then comes the point where you have to prepare your defense so that it is well-received as well.

You have to speak about your dissertation in front of a committee of qualified professors and convince them that the work you have done was indeed of value, and will benefit the academic community. Basically, you need to persuade them that the work you did was not a waste of time or resources.

As such, you will prepare a presentation where you briefly cover your:

  • Research questions
  • Some material from the literature review
  • The methods that you used for conducting your research
  • The findings that you gathered and deduced
  • Recommendations that you would like to give for the future

The presentation should be highly convincing, and should not bore the supervisors as they are also busy people with strenuous schedules. The results of your dissertation should clearly justify your research questions and aims, and the recommendations that you provide should be such that they seek to benefit the academia in general.

If your dissertation defense is well-received and your dissertation receives the stamp of approval, then it means that you are deemed eligible to be awarded with your academic degree.

Alas! The Problems That Students Face With Their Dissertations

Considering how the whole process of finalising your topic, getting your dissertation proposal approved and then finally writing your dissertation is so extensive, it is no clandestine statement that the task is of course difficult. Many students every year have to bear with the problem where their convocation and rewarding of degree is put on hold simply because they did not submit their dissertation.

A lot of issues arise when students partake in the dissertation venture. Many of these act as hindrances which is why they are not able to submit their dissertations on time.

What issues do students face with their dissertations?

  • Not being able to finalise their dissertation topic
  • Not possessing the adequate writing skills to complete the word count
  • Not being apt with analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Not being able to dedicate complete attention to their dissertations
  • Not having enough time to work on the dissertation
  • Not being able to conduct sufficient research for the dissertation

The above listed reasons demonstrate the common problems faced by a majority of the students with regards to their dissertations. While a lot of students in their universities may be high achievers and may remain at the top of their class, it is not obvious that they will be able to handle the pressure exerted during dissertation writing.

Many students are not able to choose the right dissertation topic for themselves, and in case they do not receive support from their professors or teachers, it becomes even more difficult to narrow down the topic and start working on the dissertation proposal. There are miscellaneous topics that a student can choose from, but not every topic is suitable to be selected for their dissertation.

A dissertation may stretch up to even 80,000 words if it is a PhD dissertation, and for a Bachelor level dissertation, the word limit may be minimum 5,000 words. In any case, it is highly important for the student to be equipped with proficient writing skills in order to meet the word count.

While researching, students need to make use of their critical thinking skills and their analytical abilities as well. If the student is not able to brainstorm properly, and is not able to think critically, it further poses a problem in critically evaluating the Literature Review, conducting Research, making inferences from the Findings and so on.

Often at times, even the best of students are plagued with the bad habit of procrastination. This can result from an extended timeframe being given to them, resulting in them losing focus. Once that pace is disturbed, the student is not able to work on the dissertation within due time. If they are managing their jobs as well, it becomes even harder to focus overall.

Your Wish For “Do My Dissertation UK” Answered!

For students stuck in the circle of problems with regard to their dissertations, Dissertation Writing Help is here to offer them relief from all such stress. Founded and led by the brilliant Dr. Michelle Astley, Dissertation Writing Help has grown to be one of the most popular academic platforms delivering quality dissertation services.

Any time students will head over to Google to browse for “do my dissertation UK”; they will be able to find our name in the top search engine results. As far as dissertations are concerned, we do not only write down a dissertation and hand it over to you; but we have a whole set of procedures designed to accommodate you in all matters of your academics.

How do we deliver you the dissertation you need?

  • We take your order through the Live Chat, Order Form or whichever way you contact us
  • The payment method is discussed along with your requirements and deadline
  • Your placed order is sent to the Research Department for discussion
  • The order is discussed between the Research Heads
  • After the discussion, the chapters are distributed among relevant writers
  • The draft of the dissertation is prepared and showed to you (the client)
  • Approved by you, the draft is finalised from the Research Department
  • The written dissertation is then sent to the Quality Control Unit for Q/A
  • PhD Editors in the Quality Control department conduct the Q/A
  • Finalised and perfected 100%, the dissertation is dispatched for delivery

As you can read through the points, you can see that we have structured a simple process for ensuring that we provide you quality services to ensure 100% satisfaction from your side. Instead of trying to charge you highly extortionate rates that put you under financial stress, we seek to provide you ease throughout the process.

Another question that would arise in your mind is “which dissertation writing service is the best?” for which you would often feel confused since there are a lot of services now available online. Trusting a new service from which you have never dealt before can appear to be quite frightening in the first attempt. As a first timer, you would have a bunch of questions in your mind.

What questions do students have regarding dissertation services?

  • Are dissertation writing services legal?
  • Which dissertation writing service is the best?
  • How can I trust any particular dissertation writing service?
  • Who will be assigned to do my dissertation?
  • What if I get plagiarised content?
  • How can I confirm if my identity will be safe?
  • Can I get my dissertation revised without additional charges?
  • What will happen if I do not like the dissertation?
  • Will they guide me regarding my dissertation?
  • Does the service offer any money-back guarantee?

Do you also have all the questions in your mind that we have listed above? We completely understand that you must be roaming around in confusions especially if your deadline is near and you cannot decide upon a single service.

Led by Dr. Michelle Astley, the team works day and night to make sure that no order is left unfinished, and that each and every client is catered to properly. With a team comprising of highly qualified dissertation writers having postgraduate qualifications and years of experience, you can relax that your dissertation will be in good hands.

Students can start availing our services by getting some free consultancy from the renowned Dr. Michelle or from any of our subject matter experts, and then they can decide to hire our services. Since we offer consultancy for free dissertation topics as well, students can opt to discuss regarding the creation of a free dissertation topic from either Dr. Michelle herself, or one of our subject matter experts.

Thanks to our proficient Quality Control Department, we are able to offer Proofreading and Editing Services as well to students who wish to get their dissertations improved in quality, or want to get them completely error-free. We even provide our customers with Quality Reviews from expert PhD editors to let them know what mistakes were present in their dissertations, and what improvements have been made.

Our services have been structured to be affordable, and you can avail our custom packages easily. For our regular customers, we even offer royalty discounts and promotional offers from time to time. We facilitate our clients with free revisions if they do not find the dissertation satisfactory.

In severe cases that the client has not been satisfied with the client, we even offer partial refund subject to a few terms and conditions. But such a situation usually never arises because we maintain our standard of services at all times.

So in case you have not decided yet, start thinking now because time is running quick and you would not wish to lose your chance on getting the dissertation of a lifetime.



Your dissertation will be handed over to our team of expert dissertation writers. The writers in our team are qualified professionals with years of experience in dissertation writing and education up to Masters and PhD level. We have hired the best kind of writers to provide quality dissertation services; therefore you do not need to worry that an amateur will be doing your dissertation.

If you have a dissertation that consists of too many errors, or has been rejected or requires revision; you can avail our proofreading and editing services and tell us how you want to get it revised. We have a Quality Control Department led by PhD editors who can change the look of your dissertation and make it completely error-free. Reports highlighting all the improvements will be sent along for your perusal.

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I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing plasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete

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I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing plasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete